Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Blog Address


It is increasingly clear that I will never get my original blog back. Google has determined that I was not a person and will not change its mind, so I will cease to protest the inexorable machine that is the Googlemonster with my blog address. My blog will no longer be found at This is no longer my secondary blog while I wait for my primary blog to be given back to me. My new (and long since current) address is

Soon, I will leave behind the depressing black theme as I leave behind the memory of what was done to my poor innocent blog who’s only crime was excessive enthusiasm for a few products that I had enjoyed and linking to websites that sold them.

If you really must have the address of my blog it is now Personally I like the address better because I can point that link to wherever I want and if I someday move to a non-google service for my blog, the turner08 blog address will point to that new blog without hassle.

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