Friday, August 20, 2010

Podcast Delight

rss_drop   Me: podcast junkie. Well, that might be a little strong, but I really did develop a penchant for podcasts back when I had a physical job that only required two of my nine neurons to perform. The other seven rebelled at the thought of atrophy resultant from repetition of a two-hour track of canned music played night after night. Hence the cerebral seven proceeded to produce my proclivity for podcast listening. I have changed or reinstalled podcatchers quite several times and been thankful for a good .opml file to transfer my subscritions from one catcher to another, but some inferior podcatchers I’ve tried don’t accept .OPMLs. Hence I decided to make a list of my favorite podcasts.

  The list will be in order of alphabetization as determined by gPodder, my current and favorite podcatcher. Lots of people love iTunes. Tried it. Used it with an iPod Touch. Did not like. It wasn’t compatible with me. gPodder is super-great and includes mandatory features not found elsewhere, but I wish that it were developed more for the use of mid-level windows users like myself. It’s really a Linux program at heart. Still searching for a podcatcher to enamor and enchant my power-customizing, ease-of-use-loving heart, perhaps one that will synch my computer, mp3 player, and phone. Please?


The 90-Second Naturalist
A Way with Words*
The Absolute Peach
Dan Carlin’s hardcore history*
Future Tense
Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
New BYU Speeches
NPR: Science Friday
NPR: Sunday Puzzle
NPR: Your Health
Podictionary – for Word Lovers
Quirks & Quarks
Science Thursday
Search Engine from CBC Radio
Spark from CBC Radio*
This Week in Science*

Uncommon Knowledge
* means Top Five

I am also trying out:

Android Phone Fans
Buzz Out Loud
Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Cranky Geeks
Friday Night Comedy from BBC 4
Linux Outlaws
Meet the GIMP
NPR: On Science
NPR: Technology
Shot of Jaq
This Week in Mormons

   Ok. This list really does show what a geek I am on the inside (in case there is anyone who didn’t already know.) I’m not embarrassed. If there is a really great podcast I’m missing out on, let me know.