Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Have a Good Wife

It's our first full day at home since we've been married and things are still a little bit crazy around the apartment. I'm still in process of moving in, so I have boxes and stuff everywhere. We're trying to do laundry while finding places to put all of our wedding presents. Tamara's trying to get ready to start her graduate program early tomorrow morning, and she still found time to go to the grocery store and buy me food. Then, while I was busy working on my own stuff, she cooked me a beautiful meal. She made Salisbury steak, purple cauliflower, and red potatoes. It's on one of our new plates from our wedding. :-)

We were so glad to have a whole day to just be home together and work on things before going back out into the world doing work and school. We listened to a lot of good music together. We took a nice long nap. We did a lot of housework. It was a good day.

To see honeymoon pictures, visit the web album.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hawaiian Edgar Joseph

Look how nice my car used to be! Actually, it is about 3 years older than pictured now, but you wouldn't be able to tell from a picture of it. The car's name is Edgar Joseph. He likes to sneak up to intersections when the light is red, hoping that the red light won't see him and will turn green before he gets there.

When I saw this Hawaiian print fabric I thought it would make fun seat covers. Unfortunately, what other people saw was not Hawaiian print. They saw flowers.

You can see all of the most interesting statistics about my fuel efficiency at . I think it will be really interesting to see my mileage and fuel costs over time.

If you click the picture, you'll get a close up. There is a book in the pocket behind the driver's seat. It's the Book of Mormon. I like having an extra there, but the pocket is a little worn out. I've had to find a new place for my extra Book of Mormon.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Multifunction Pens

I'm in PHY131 (Physics II) at ASU right now and everyone in the class is an engineer of one kind or another. Naturally, on occasion someone will ask to borrow a pen and I almost invariably have a couple of multifunction pens on my person. I've never seen so many people capable of appreciating the beauty and utility of a multifunction pen in one room before. Usually, if I show my pen to a girl and explain it, she'll be mildly interested but not personally care nor want one. The reaction of guys is usually somewhat warmer. I lent my pen to a girl in my class and she was amazed at the pen. She had to know how it worked. I'd never seen someone so entheusiastic about it before. She's an engineer. I know how she feels (about the pens at least.)

Sometimes people ask where I got my pens. One of my favorites I got from Office Depot. Most of the rest I got online. I got a couple for like five bucks, but I couldn't find that link today. Anyway, here are a few other links. My favorite is the Fisher Space Multifunction Pen.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Wow Library!

I've been going to the Noble Science Library at ASU pretty regularly of late and not really looking around. I had noticed before that there were individual study rooms upstairs because they have big nice windows overlooking the Library common area. Today I went up to use one for the first time because I had phone calls to make and I didn't want to disturb the rest of the patrons. Up the spiral staircase I went and what did I find? Electronic sliding bookcases! They're so fancy! It's row upon row of space efficiency.

I'm not actually interested in these particular volumes, but I suddenly fell in love with the facility. The study rooms provide great pseudo-privacy. There are two printing stations conveniently located on two floors. There are couches and tables and a paper slicer and all kinds of things to make a student happy, even games.