Monday, August 4, 2008

Multifunction Pens

I'm in PHY131 (Physics II) at ASU right now and everyone in the class is an engineer of one kind or another. Naturally, on occasion someone will ask to borrow a pen and I almost invariably have a couple of multifunction pens on my person. I've never seen so many people capable of appreciating the beauty and utility of a multifunction pen in one room before. Usually, if I show my pen to a girl and explain it, she'll be mildly interested but not personally care nor want one. The reaction of guys is usually somewhat warmer. I lent my pen to a girl in my class and she was amazed at the pen. She had to know how it worked. I'd never seen someone so entheusiastic about it before. She's an engineer. I know how she feels (about the pens at least.)

Sometimes people ask where I got my pens. One of my favorites I got from Office Depot. Most of the rest I got online. I got a couple for like five bucks, but I couldn't find that link today. Anyway, here are a few other links. My favorite is the Fisher Space Multifunction Pen.

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