Monday, July 6, 2009

Lock, Shock and...

Last week I went to the gym with my buddy, James, and as we were going to our lockers he asked me, "Hey, is that your lock on the bench?"

I was fairly sure it wasn't because I always put my lock right back in my gym bag and it had been a few days since I'd been to the gym. Surely someone would have stolen this nice lock with an easily changeable combo by now. So I looked in my gym bag and I looked a little more thoroughly. Sure enough it was my lock. I just couldn't believe it, but it had dents from dropping it on the ground and it was the right size and it was sitting right in front of the locker that I always use.

James still thought it could be someone else's lock, but I was certain it was mine.

A few days later, I was in my car looking for something in the console between the seats and I found my lock again. Now this time I was equally surprised because after a strange event like finding my lock on a bench, I would be sure to stick my lock in its dedicated pocket in my gym bag right away so that I don't risk losing it again. Fortunately I had my gym bag in the back seat, so I pulled it up and checked the pocket, and I found my lock again. ??? I had TWO LOCKS! It turns out that the one in the gym wasn't mine after all. I'll have to give one to the lost & found and if it's not claimed, I can probably keep it.