Sunday, September 13, 2009

He’s a Historian (FTW!)


This was my first weekend in my new job as the 944th Fighter Wing Historian. This is a huge step up for me. I went from not even having my own desk as a Ground Radio Journeyman to now having 2 desks, 3 chairs, 2 computers, 1 fridge, my own printer, a table, a bunch of cabinets and shelves, a window, and a door in my very own office.

In the picture above you can see most of the aforementioned items. You can also see me. I’m smiling because Sergeant Fine, who was taking my picture, said something funny, but also because I’m happy in my new position.There is a big wall clock strategically placed right above my monitor in case I get so engrossed in writing chronologies that I forget the time. The file folders in the foreground hold source documents for the histories that I’m going to write from Y2K to the present. They’re placed strategically on top of empty blue bins to keep the floods from damaging my documents. My office has been flooded twice in the past. Next to my shoulder is the new Blender Bottle that Tamara gave me for my birthday. It’s a happy orange color. That’s about all there is of interest in that picture.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

IMG_0523 2009BirthdayCard (Large)

Look what a good job Tamara did on my birthday. When I got home she had these presents laid out on the table for me (and an ice cream cake). She found the perfect card for a Jack Turner whose birthday is on Talk like a Pirate Day. I really felt like it was my birthday, even though the actual day is on the 19th. After cake, we went to dinner and a concert, where Tamara won an autographed guitar for us! It was a great day.