Saturday, December 26, 2009

I got my blog back!

After well over a year of having my original blog confiscated, and after finally giving up on ever getting it back, I requested one more time that they give me back my blog and they finally relented. So now I have combined the old blog and the new blog at the new address with the new layout and theme.

I really wanted to get a really cool template and theme for my blog, but it looks like most of the cool templates are somewhat girly. If I had my nice big screen that Dad gave me last year with me, then I would just create my own, but right now I'm on my little netbook. It has the power but not the screen space for doing that kind of photo editing.

I wanted to put this sunset skyline of Phoenix as the banner of my blog, but it just wasn't quite wide enough for me so I went with the other option, which does fit the color scheme of my blog pretty much anyway.

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