Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why is it so hard to go back to the gym after only a week off?

I almost didn’t go to the gym today. This morning I planned on going to the gym right after work.When the time came, I thought I’d rather go work on my webfu, and besides, I was hungry. My principle reason for sticking to the plan was to develop self discipline. So I went to the gym, but in the parking lot I discovered that I didn’t bring a pair of jeans to change into afterward. There’s my excuse! I can go home now.

That’s a lame excuse. There’s no valid reason that I couldn’t just wear my ABU (Airman Battle Uniform, read:camo) pants home from the gym. It’s mildly embarrassing, but no one would say anything. My main goal for this excursion was to go swimming. Water Aerobics class ends at 5:00 and the pool closes at 6:00, and the time was 4:50. I decided to not lift weights and just take my time getting to the pool so the class would hopefully be empty by the time I get there.

No such luck was to be had. It turned out that Water Aerobics class lasts until 5:15. That’s ok.I can wait, but if I had known that I would have lifted weights real quick and done some pull ups. I sat in a chair to wait, and the instructor let me know there was a cover charge for watching :-D I probably should have just joined in but I really was only there to swim laps. And then I had time to contemplate how good I felt about actually being there and how much I was going to enjoy swimming laps and pushing myself to the limit etc. By the time that class was over I had meditated myself into feeling really good about life.

Now I’m home and I want to continue studying CSS. If I knew CSS better I could have had my caption without having to put naughty layout tables into by blog post, but there’s so much to learn and I haven’t found a resource that’s a happy medium between a trickle and a tsunami of knowledge.

photo by Emily Saunders and taken without permission from this site

Update: the CSS experts say that one disadvantage of using tables to control layout is that they don’t always render well on a phone. I’m pretty impressed with my Android browser. It rendered this post very logically such that you wouldn’t even think that it must have been laid out with a table instead of CSS.

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Jocelyn Robertson said...

I'm impressed with your ability to push through all the excuses and do what you wanted to do. Keep up the good work. :)

I'm surprised how often I don't do things I really want to just because I've come up with a lousy excuse.