Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CSS Success and How I Conquered my Blog as a Monkey

I’ve been annoyed that HTML code showed up in my title. The template I used placed the title on the left of the page and I wanted it centered. I knew the HTML code for centering text but nothing about CSS at the time. Thus <center> showed up in my title on email notifications etc. for months.

Today I learned a little bit about CSS and when I saw this problem show up, it occurred to me that the answer might be solved in the template itself with some CSS coding. I’m a mediocre code monkey at best, but I thought I could at least look around in the template and see what occurred to me. What did I find? Google was a step ahead of me and had a CSS tutorial to help users adjust their templates. The first issue discussed: centering the title. I couldn’t be more pleased or surprised.

I also hope that I solved the problem of double-tweeting the new blog post notification.

Update: It looks like I did fix the doubletweet issue. I hope that adding this update doesn't send out another tweet because that would make it look like I was wrong and didn't get that solved after all.

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