Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sub-Par Results

There are times when I’m smarter than myself, e.g., I know I’m likely to forget my security badge on Monday,  so I put it in my blue uniform Friday evening. That way when I get to work on Monday and suddenly realize that I forgot to bring my badge with me, it’s already taken care of because I was prepared in advance.

Today I was not smarter than myself. This morning, while I was thinking clearly, I planned on leaving work by 3:30 so I could go swim and be done before the 4:15 water aerobics class starts. Around 3:00 I realized that the I didn’t have to leave work until around 4:30 and I could still be done swimming by 5:15. That was great becaus e I was busy getting stuff done and I wasn’t ready to leave. So, I followed my new plan, went to the gym at 4:30, changed into my swimsuit, took a pre-swim shower. While I was showering, I heard some continuous, muffled, cheerful shouting. This is not normal in a gym unless some exercise class is happennnniiinnnggg…. OH NO!!!! Water Aerobics starts at 4:15 and here I am ready to swim before it’s halfway done!

At this point I was wet, soapy, and disappointed. I didn’t want to finish my shower, go work out in the base gym which I don’t care for, and then shower again, so I felt the fool, but I just came home. It was an exercise in futility at the gym. Now I’m going to do push ups in my room. That’s almost a workout. 

image photo by Jack Turner 2010


Joanne said...

You weren't smarter than yourself that time, but I bet you'll think twice next time and that makes you smarter! Good for you for wanting to work out!!!

foxycat said...

Well well the King. I like that photo = excellent "