Monday, June 30, 2008

Smashed Finger

A couple months ago, I smashed my left forefinger in the door. Naturally it got ugly. So we're hoping that the blister will grow out and be gone before my wedding so that it won't be in the photos. At first it looked like it would take forever and ever to go away, but now it's looking like it just might be gone in time. It makes significant visible progress every week. The top picture shows how it looked on Saturday evening. I had been able to squeeze a lot of the blood out already. The bottom picture shows how it looked after a soak in hydrogen peroxide this morning. A lot lighter, but a little uglier.
What we learn from this experience is that if you are tempted to smash your finger in a door, you should first stop and think about whether you're going to be getting married soon. If you are, it's better to wait until after the wedding pictures to smash your finger.

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