Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Climbing the Bridge

Here I am climbing the bridge that takes Mill Avenue (southbound) over Tempe Town Lake. It may look like the bridge is only over land, but that's because the lake is just outside the picture. I guess the designing engineer thought his bridge needed a running headstart to make it over the lake. Chelsea took the pictures for me. The central image (the one most zoomed up on me) just looks so typical of me that I Thought I would make it the main picture, but it ended up being a bit small in order to give better perspective to the bridge. I'm wearing my combat boots that were issued to me at boot camp. The girls that helped me with my kayak that day really liked my boots. Under the bridge is a little storage area where they keep old junk. You can see an ice machine on the left. It wasn't plugged in. Above the bridge there is a round fence. That's actually the top of the building behind the bridge. It's an office building, with condos hiding behind it. In the very top right corner you can see the string of lights that decorate the bridge. They are pretty at night.

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