Thursday, June 26, 2008

Present Night

Today, Tamara and I came to San Diego to visit her parents. We had to both come so we could get our marriage license, as required by California law. While we're here, Tamara will get to visit a bunch of ladies for a luncheon and have a bridal shower.
We went to the Robertsons' house first to see how it's renovation is going. It had a flood last year, so it should be ready for living in soon. All the walls were open with the electric cords showing everywhere. It was kind of exciting. I would love to be able to see where all the wires and studs are in my house and be able to lay ethernet cables, speaker wires, etc. in all the walls I want to.
Back at the apartment was waiting our first wedding present. Brent wanted to give us his present now so we would have room for it in our car. It's a flag! We're glad he gave it to us before Independence Day. Now we'll be able to put it up and be festive.

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