Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We were just sitting in the living room talking, when suddenly there was an owl watching us from the tree outside the window. We don't see owls in the middle of Phoenix very often. The cats liked him. If we had let them out, he might have liked one of the cats, and that would have been sad. He probably ate one of the rabbits that are always around the apartment.
It was fun to watch the owl turn his head all around. I thought it was a little early for him to be out hunting. Owls don't eat worms, so he had no motivation for being the early bird.
Since then I have had 2 dreams involving owls. I really enjoy my dreams most of the time. I feel like I continue living my life, just on a slightly freer scale in my dreams. I'm thinking about focusing on lucid dreaming again. There was a time when I had lucid dreams fairly often.

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