Friday, July 25, 2008

A Robot Jacked My Blog

Yesterday I felt the love of our future robot overlords. There was no blue screen of death involved and the maniacal monster of madness that is the monolithic and ubiquitous empire of nefarious evil did not rear its ugly head, but nevertheless, my blog went the way of all the digital earth, possibly to be revived at some ever-near but sempiternally invisible, unknowable date. The reason: spam. I've been accused of spamming the blogosphere and harsh immediate action was taken to redress my alleged offense against society. My writing may have been abrogated, but my speech continues.

No person actually accused me, but just Google's police-bots. They detected spam-like activity and decided that I was not human, so they tried to eliminate me. Fortunately I am too fleshy to be exterminated by such simple and digital means. I weigh a million time more than any computer program and I'm physically stronger!


Amanda aka "Mandy Mandi Mandie Mandee Mannie etc" said...

Weigh a million times more and physically stronger huh? Well, I'd still like to see a physical match-up. You know, a Jack vs. machine knock-em-down, drag-em-out winner-take-all fight. the loser is the machine, guilty of spamming.

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

I'm somewhat surprised you signed up with blogger still. : )

CtrlAltJack said...

I just don't feel like migrating to a better service and I don't know which blog service might be better. Multiply .com was nice but I'm just not a serious enough blogger for it to matter.