Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Watch

A couple weeks ago I thought I had lost my watch and needed another one. So I started looking up watches on the internet, and I found one with a heart rate monitor within my price range. I thought it might be similar to Tamara's body bugg, but it's not. What it does do is monitor my heart rate. So I've been wearing it today under my shirt. In the picture it looks like I'm wearing it outside my shirt, but that's only because you wouldn't be able to see it otherwise. I actually wear it underneath where it can have contact with my skin.
If I start the stop watch while I run, then it will record my heart rate, so at the end I can see what my average heart rate was and max and min. It can also be set to a target heart rate and sound an alarm when I go to high or too low. So it doesn't tell me how many calories I've burned all day and graph it for me, but it does tell me how many I've burned total during the time that the stopwatch goes.

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