Friday, July 18, 2008

New Nail

Last Friday, my nail was getting rougher and more annoying, and making me worry that it was going to rip and cause big problems. So after my workout at 24hr Fitness, being across the street from the mall, I decided to get my nail fixed. I had to really look around to find their nail salon, which was packed. there must have been 20 or 30 people in this small room doing manicures and all kinds of stuff. I only wanted to get 1 nail fixed, so they were a little confused, but they had me sit down with some guy and asked him to do it for me.
I guess he's only used to making long beautiful fake nails, because that's what he put on me and I only wanted to get my nail filled in a little. I'm thinking functional/safety, not beauty, so I told him I want it short like my other nails. He did file it down a bit, but he filed the sides too and the shape was all funny. He only charged me $3 so I tipped him $2 and got out of there before he could do any more to me. When I got home, I got my nail clippers out and cut it short like the rest of my nails.
Now you can only tell that I have a fake nail if you look really close and know what to look for. It doesn't catch on my clothes anymore and I can even scratch my head or do whatever I usually do with nails like normal now.
Unfortunately, even with my nail fixed, I still do guy things with my hands and lose skin in the process (see lower left corner of picture.) I'm just too male to have beautiful hands for the wedding pictures. If it ends up mattering, I do have the GIMPfu (read: photoshop skills) to edit problems out of the picture.

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