Thursday, November 17, 2011

Emergency Chocolate

New Picture (3)1/4 cup chips (I prefer mixed butterscotch and dark chocolate chips)
1 Tablespoon smooth peanut butter
1/2 cup oatmeal (I prefer rolled oats)

Microwave chips and peanut butter on high for a minute. Mix.
Add oatmeal. Stir.

Enjoy. With milk.

Notes: Makes 1/2 cup- just the right size for a XS Round Bowl from Glad.This recipe actually makes just a little more than I want in one sitting, so I measure small. 2/5 of the calories come from the oatmeal, 2/5 from the chips, 1/5 from the peanut butter. The rolled oats take a bit of chewing, which allows you to savor the chocolate peanut butter that much longer and makes your brain think you’ve eaten a lot.20111117_201926-1

This isn’t something I would serve to someone, but when there’s no junk food in the house, it can be just what The Doctor ordered. Pictured is 1/2 a recipe.