Monday, October 4, 2010

Looking at Some Fruit in a Bowl

Fruit in a bowl. Which is more beautiful?

There is something very homey and comforting about fruit in a bowl. I feel almost like I’m creating a work of art every time I dump a bag of fruit into whatever bowl I use. I think this is because so many paintings are made of fruit on a table &c.

To be honest, the real reason I took this picture was because I have a new monopod. For many years I’ve wanted a good monopod and I finally found one that was tall enough and cheap enough that I felt like I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It’s even made by Vivitar.

Why would anyone want a monopod instead of a tripod, you ask? Hah! I know the answer to that. See, a tripod doesn’t usually fit in a backpack and is generally just awkward to carry around. It’s kind of a lot of commitment to even use. That’s why I normally only use a tripod around the house even though pictures out and about would benefit from a tripod. Enter: the monopod. It fits in my backpack. It could strap to my belt. It hides in the car easily. I can whip it out when I need it. Besides, there is only one leg to extend instead of three and it screws into the camera more easily.

If I had known how happy I would be with my monopod, I might have looked harder for one long ago.


foxycat said...

I love my monopod. Also, I have been loving little home making touches at my place. Glad to see we are enjoying some of the same things.

Joanne said...

That blue bowl is beautiful and sets off the fruit. Looks healthy, makes me want to go eat a pear!