Friday, October 1, 2010

Ideas for Sale: Free to a Good Home

Tamara and I went to the Home and Landscape Show for our date tonight. We were mostly there to see landscape ideas and dream, but there was one indoor idea that I really liked. One display had a tv surrounded by a picture frame. I thought that just made the tv so much less intrusive. We expect to see picture frames on the walls – even big ones. Tamara and I thought that when the tv were off, there could be a family portrait printed on canvas that could be pulled down from inside the top portion of the frame to cover up the tv screen in much the same way as the mini-blinds that are built right into some windows. Alternatively, the tv could just remain on and display family portraits when not in use; it would be a large digital picture frame.

I did a quick search for ‘television in a frame,’ and it turns out that someone else has already had this idea and made a company out of it. I bet I could make one myself a bit cheaper though.


Joanne said...

That is a pretty cool idea.

CtrlAltJack said...

I'm thinking it might be easier to have a canvas that inserts into the frame rather than rolls up inside it.

Anonymous said...

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