Monday, September 13, 2010

Rice, Rice, & Coconut Cream

Who ever knew that coconut milk separates into milk and cream just like cow’s milk does?20100913 095

Today I made rice balls with General Tso beef inside them. The black rice speckled balls are no different from the white balls; they just have added black rice for fanciness. These turned out really well. All you do is make Onigiri like I’ve posted the recipe for before and form the ball in a mug so you can make a hole for the meat before putting in the last of the rice and closing up the ball. Then dump into your hand and shape it. It really is sticky when you’re done. It might be best to grill it afterward or just plan on eating it with utensils.

The black rice desert with coconut cream turned out ok, but I would do it more traditionally next time. I just used the first recipe I found and didn’t do enough research. It would have tasted better. I’ll post the recipe the way I would make it next time.

I ended up spending hours in the kitchen, but that’s because I wasn’t so organized and I was doing other things in the middle, like dishes. In the future, it won’t take me so long to make these things.

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foxycat said...

Oh how I miss the great food you once made for us!