Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tamara's Views

Look at what an awesome apartment this is. The first picture is a view of the area in front her apartment. Notice the grill in the center. We grilled salmon in it today. It turned out pretty well. There is shade here all day. On the other side of the grill, there is a double sidewalk that is supposed to make it easy to back a moving truck up closer to the apartment. Actually, backing the moving truck up the sidewalk was not easy, but I managed it and we were happy.
The next picture was taken from the trail in the back of her apartment. It's so nice to go out the back door onto the balcony and feel the fresh breeze blowing from the mountains there, and just enjoy the perfect Phoenix weather. Also, you can't really see it in the picture, but there's a very nice trail that leads right up into the mountains there. We hiked all over the trails today after General Conference. The yellow flowers in the foreground are probably creosote trees. There is also brittle bush.
The last picture is a view of Tamara's apartment from the direction of the mountains. I wasn't actually in the mountains when I took that picture; I was much closer. There's a red patch of eucalyptus leaves in the tree to the left. That tree actually doesn't usually have red leaves, but the sun was setting and made them look redder than normal. The woman in the blue shirt is Tamara. She's smiling because she's happy that I'm taking pictures for her. She's probably thinking about how much fun it will be to blog these pictures when we're done.


Kristen said...

Hi jack, I like your name. Tam and I were roommates nearly 10 years ago and she doesn't email me back very well, so maybe you need to fill me in on the details of the past year:)

Jack Turner said...

Oh boy. Umm...

I'd be happy to tell you about our past year, except I'm not very good at answering broad questions like that. If you'll ask me more specific questions, then I'll do my best to answer them.

Lani Hilton said...

Jack-I will ask a specific question. What first attracted you to Tamara? She and I were early-morning seminary buds. She kept me on the straight and narrow...I really look up to her.
But I am interested in knowing how she has influenced you?