Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yum. Lunch

I'm not going to blog my lunches all the time. This is just an example of what kinds of things I might eat on a school day when I haven't planned ahead very well.

Here are a couple of my fantastic lunches. Each of these containers has its own lid and stacks into a thermal container. The container isn't quite waterproof, but it goes into a zippered nylon canvas bag with a fork and a spoon and chopstics and a napkin, so it all works out pretty well.

The first picture has brown shortgrain rice w/ spaghetti sauce and tuna, cottage cheese and strawberries, red beans, and strawberrys and papaya.

The second picture is today's lunch. It has spaghetti, strawberries and apple, strawberry banana yogurt and plums, and more stawberries and apples.

I love my bento. I would never have such great lunches if I were still using a regular tupperware.
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