Thursday, April 21, 2011

Homemade Pop Tart Adventure FTW!!


2011-04-21 16.44.57I was reading the other day and there was a post about how much better homemade pop tarts are than the store bought variety. Of course I wanted to make some right away but I don’t have time for that just any day during the semester. I’ve been intending to make them any day ever since. The article I read, which ultimately had come from the New York Times or something, had recommended making frangipane to fill the pop tarts. That sounded really good, but it turns out that I don’t just keep almond paste or any such thing around the house normally, so that wasn’t an option.

Fortunately, I remembered my love of dates. Grampa Slim had given me a nice big box of dates and I don’t use them nearly so often as I would like. I thought date pop tarts would be just the thing. I used 16 dates, no recipe, a cup of water and a cup of sugar with some heat and a bean mashing tool. The next thing I knew, I had a smooth, yet chunky date filling ready to go. I won’t tell you how good it was because I’m trying to be modest. (Maybe I’m failing to be modest, but just think how bad I could be without even trying!)

2011-04-21 17.48.42

I made the pastry according to the recipe I found, mostly. I didn’t refrigerate the dough or take any suggested precautions to make sure it turned out well. I thought it turned out pretty well anyway. They don’t look professional by any means, but these were made for eating, not selling. I documented the process with my camera phone. I plan to put up the recipe on the recipe blog soon and insert the link here.

Update: Recipe posted.
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Jocelyn Robertson said...

You are a man of infinite resource and sagacity.

CtrlAltJack said...

Thank you. I was very pleased with how these turned out. 650 calories each, yikes!, but what do I expect from a tart?

Joanne said...

And, will you be eating them ALL, all by yourself? At least you can afford the kcals.

Andrea said...

Those were yummy! Thanks for sharing :)