Sunday, August 16, 2009


We're no bird experts, but we're pretty sure these huge birds are ravens. The tent doesn't give good perpective, but look at the bird by the chair. They must be almost 2 feet tall. They were very noisy sometimes, so much that I threw a boot at them from the tent one morning, but it was fun to see them trying to scavenge in our camp. They knew from long exposure to humans that leftovers are likely to be in the firepit.


Tamara Robertson Turner said...

They were huge birds, huge!
We also saw little birds that were probably chickadees and mountain blue birds. (Jack's grandma helped us identify them over the phone.)
There were several life size signs about California Condors, but we didn't see any in real life.

Joanne said...

We saw some of those huge black birds there last Feb. They sure aren't afraid of people. Also saw a lot of deer at dusk in front of the lodge - safely nibbling the grass and off the road for the moment.

Michael said...

I can't remember if the birds we saw were as large as these, but here is a link to a video that Joanne took at one of the lookout points: Something to Crow About