Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Blog Addresses

My blog and Tamara's Blog have not moved, but they do have new web addresses. If you type http://jack.turner08.com, it will take you to my blog. It will take you directly to my blog without passing go and without collecting $200 (more's the pity.)
Likewise, http://tamara.turner08.com takes you to Tamara's blog. If someday we were to migrate our blogs to some server other than Blogger.com, then these addresses would just update and take you to our new blogs, so you wouldn't have to learn a new blog address.
The picture at left is a screenshot of my domain name management web page. It is enom.com. It always makes me think of "Nom, nom, nom" which is the onomatopœia of chewing on stuff like a monster.


Tamara Robertson Turner said...

I'm glad you explained about the Monster chomping noise (even if it was somewhat unrelated). : )

Ask me if I'm studying for my test?

No, just musing at your infinite-wisdom-and-sagacity with the interwebs. Glad you didn't get bit by any spiders.... I mean inters... I mean... Wait. What???

Jack Turner said...

Google did evil to me. I guess I was playing around with things in my site editor dashboard and they thought that meant I wanted them to redirect my www.turner08.com URL back to their services, so they did that for me automatically. They didn't even announce their deed to me so they could take credit. I don't actually look at my own homepage very often, so I didn't know there was a problem until I tried to show it to my parents and Google redirected me to an error 4o4 page. Got back into enom, and fixed it.